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Asset Creation

Custom Assets can be made in many sizes and shapes, but there are recommended guidelines to follow to ensure functionality and quality.


Image File Type

Either PNG or JPG are acceptable image formats. The color mode MUST be set to RGB.

CMYK color mode will not work in Tabletop Simulator!

Image Resolution

There is rarely a "perfect image resolution", however you can use this list as a reference for what makes a good quality-to-file-size ratio.

For Use With Recommended Resolution
Custom Background 4096x2048
Custom Board Any, the board is re-scaled based on the image used.
Custom Deck (Square) 4096×4096 (see Templates)
Custom Deck (Rectangle) 4096×(whatever height fits) (see Templates)
Custom Dice (see Templates)
Custom Figurine (none)
Custom Jigsaw (none)
Custom Model Any, but it is recommended to follow the power of two guideline.
Custom Tile (none)
Custom Token (none)
Custom Table (Square) A square image (ex. 2048x2048)
Custom Table (Rectangle) 4400×2600

Max Resolution

A good general rule is to keep the dimensions of your images under 4096x4096 unless recommended otherwise.

Power of Two

When the game engine renders certain images, textures sometimes are forced into a power of 2 rule for their resolution. The game engine will force textures to a resolution tied to the power of 2, but it will not do as good of a job up/down-scaling your image as you could do with image-editing software. It is not required your images adhere to this "rule", but using it as a guideline for image creation can help produce cleaner in-game results.

This is especially true when creating textures for models.


Decks and Dice both come with templates. They can be found in Steam directory:

Steam\steamapps\common\Tabletop Simulator\Modding


There are several hard limits related to model creation.

Model File Type

Only OBJ is an acceptable file format.

Model Resolution

For Use With Maximum Limits
3d Model (obj) Less than 25k vertices per model. More vertices will cause failure to import or game crashes.
Collider Less than 256 tris per model. More tris will cause the collider to fail.