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Player Hands

Hand zones are a critical part of Tabletop Simulator and have many uses.

  • Acting as the player's "seat"
  • Being where player names are displayed
  • Holding any cards or objects
  • Receiving dealt cards/objects
  • Hiding cards from select players
  • Invisible unless a held object is moved into it
  • Displaying its contents on the player screen

If needed, you can read about creating hand zones on the Zone Tool page.

Hand Zone Hiding Example

Hands Menu

In-game, go to Options > Hands to bring up the Hands menu. Here, you can modify the functionality for all hand zones.

Hands Menu

Setting Name What It Does
Enable If disabled, all functionality of hand zones will not function EXCEPT they will still act as player seats.
Disable Unused Disables the hand zones of empty seats.
Hiding Change if the hiding of cards are default (visible to owner, hidden to rest), reversed or if hiding is disabled entirely.