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Controls & Movement

Getting Started in Tabletop Simulator

As you first start playing with Tabletop Simulator, it is recommended you try out the in-game tutorial. A link can be found on the Main Menu. You can also check out the video tutorial.

Tabletop Simulator supports taking a wide variety of actions and as a result has many controls. Here you can find the basic controls to get started, but you can find even more from the Context Menu in game.

Movement and Camera Controls

Move with the Keyboard, Mouse, or both. All keys given are defaults, most of which can be changed in the in-game Settings menu, under Controls.


  • Hold RMB anywhere on the table (not on an object) and move around to control the camera rotation.
  • To pan your camera around, press and hold the MMB.
  • Scroll the MMB to zoom in and out.
  • To quickly zoom in where your mouse is pointing, press the MMB. Press it again to zoom back out.


  • Press the spacebar to reset your camera position.
  • Use the WASD keys to pan your camera around.
  • To quickly zoom in where your mouse is pointing, press Z. Press Z again to zoom back out.
  • Switch to first person mode by pressing P.

Keyboard (First Person)

  • The WASD keys in combination with the RMB moves in first person mode.
  • Pressing spacebar will fly your camera up.
  • Pressing Ctrl will fly your camera down.

Object Controls

The majority of gameplay within Tabletop Simulator requires you to manipulate objects: moving them, placing them, rotating them, etc.

Manipulating Objects

  1. Pick up an object by pressing the LMB. Let go to drop it.
  2. While holding an object, you can press the RMB to tap it down.
  3. Flip an object by pressing the F key, MMB, or right clicking on it to bring up the contextual menu and press the 'Flip' option.
  4. Zoom in on a specific object by hovering over it and pressing the ALT key – this works best for cards.
  5. While in ALT Zoom mode, use the middle mouse button to zoom in and out further and the Q & E keys to rotate.
  6. LMB picks up a single object.
  7. To pick up two objects, you can hold one object and hover over a second and ‘right click’ to pick up the second. Keep holding and right click over other objects to keep picking them up.
  8. An easier option is to 'box highlight' around the objects you want to pick up. Hold left click anywhere on the table and around multiple objects. When you let go, all those objects will be highlighted. Pick up one of the objects and all of those that were highlighted will be picked up.
  9. Right clicking on any object will bring up the Context Menu.