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The Notebook is a multi-use booklet which includes the rules of the game, private notes and the ability to delete and create other pages.

Default Notebook

The Notebook starts off as an empty booklet that you can fill up as you’d like. When a game is loaded, the Rules is the default page that is shown first. There are also "tabs" down the left side for each color.

Default Notebook

Private Pages

The content of notebook pages can be visible to all (Grey), to only one color, or to only the game master (Black). Hosts and promoted players are able to change what color a tab belongs to but they cannot look into all tabs.

Black Seat

The GM/DM seat can view the contents of all hidden zones.

This seat is meant to give complete oversight over players.

Removing Pages

When you mouse over a page's tab (on the left) a trash can icon appears. Clicking it will open a prompt to delete the notebook page. This is only available to hosts and promoted players.

Removing notebook pages

Adding Pages

Clicking Add New in the upper left allows you to create a new notebook page. You can give it a name or edit it at the top of the window with that page selected. You can also change who it can be used by clicking the color button in the upper left.