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Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator

About Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator is exactly that: a simulation of a tabletop. It comes with classic games to play, offers DLC of officially licensed versions of other games and has tens of thousands of Steam Workshop contributions from the community. This is the premier platform for creating digital representations of real-life games. If you can't find what you'd like in the Steam Workshop, you can create your own games with nothing more than a handful of images to import.

Anyone who owns Tabletop Simulator can join any public game, or you can have private ones with friends. Have control over your game by giving certain players additional access rights, or limiting what players can do to trip up spoilsports.

Want to add some flair? Import your own models. Access Unity's suite of tools to add particle effects, light, sound, animations and more. Write scripts to run your game, automate setup, trigger events, and more. Joint/hinge objects together, draw on the table, flick and nudge pieces around the board. When the game is over, flip the table in a fit of rage! If you can do it in real life, you can probably do it in Tabletop Simulator.

Years after its release, this game is still growing. We are still adding new features and content, fixing any issues that come up and working with companies to bring official games into TTS.

This Knowledge Base

There is a LOT you can do in Tabletop Simulator, both as a creator and a player. It is recommended you watch video tutorials and read through this Knowledge Base to explore all the possibilities. If you have questions or want to connect with others, visit the forums or join the official Discord channel.