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Please find answers to some common questions regarding Tabletop Simulator.

What is VR Support like?

VR Support exists for HTC Vive + Oculus Rift, with Windows Mixed Reality possibly also being functional. Some features are still being ported, but the game is very playable in VR currently. It continues to be worked on and will improve in the future.

What's with all the DLC?

There is a big difference between our DLCs and other games. Tabletop Simulator is a sandbox where you can play any game like you do in real life. Games on the Workshop can be fan creations, indie devs using TTS as a prototyping tool, custom models/scripts people have created. So we work with established publishers and developers to bring official versions of their game into TTS. And to do that, they are setup as DLCs.

The DLCs are high quality (we get the files directly from the developers/publishers) and specially themed to match. Each game gets their own attention and the developers get a percentage of sales. You are supporting not just us, but the actual developers of the board games.

Do I have to buy DLC to join a game?

If you want to join a DLC game, you absolutely can: No Purchase Required! Only the host needs to own a DLC for everyone to play.

Will you be supporting tablets?

It is unlikely that Tabletop Simulator will be playable on mobile devices. It has become such a complex set of tools for game creation/enjoyment, the experience can't translate into a mobile experience that would do it justice.

Can I have more than 10 players?

There is support in the game to allow 10 Players at once. You can change an in-game setting to allow more people to join, but they will only be able to spectate.

Where do I host my files?

When you make custom creations, you can use them off your local system, off of the Cloud or from a 3'rd party hosting solution. Which you choose depends on what your goals are.

Where did a game on the Workshop go?

Sometimes, people choose to remove their creations from the Workshop. Other times, it is possible they used copyrighted assets and the assets' owner filed a take-down notice with Steam. Others still may violate Steam's end-user agreement for using the community tools (which the Workshop is a part of). Once it is removed, do not place a copy back up. It could potentially impact your Steam account!

Why won't assets load for me?

Is your friend able to see models/images in-game and you are not? It is probably because of mod caching!

Tabletop Simulator keeps a copy of the game assets you download on your computer so that the next time you need them, you don't have to download them again. It is possible your friend has a copy of them saved locally, then the source went down before you could get a copy. If possible, your friend might be able to send you those files.

When is the next sale?

We don’t give sales info in advance, but as Tabletop Simulator is available at a few reputable distributors, it goes on sale quite frequently. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates!

Why can’t I purchase more 4-packs for my family and friends?

We're very glad you want to share the game with others! However this is completely out of our control as this is a Steam limitation. Steam does not allow you to purchase a 4-pack if you already own Tabletop Simulator. This is to prevent the reselling of keys on grey market sites.