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Drawing Tool

The Drawing Tool allows for you to write on the table and any locked object. The drawing tool is called Vector Paint.

Vector Paint

Vector Paint

The Vector Paint tool allows for clean, smooth lines on any surface. Limit 10,000 lines per player.

Vector Paint


  1. Draw: Allows you to freehand draw lines.
  2. Line: Allows you to draw lines.
  3. Box: Allows you to draw squares/rectangles.
  4. Circle: Allows you to draw circles.
  5. Erase: Removes any vector lines at the location where clicked.
  6. Color: Select the color of the next line/s drawn.
  7. Erase All: Removes all vector lines from the table.

Drawing on Objects

"Locking" an object via its context menu or the keyboard shortcut (Default: L) allows you to draw on the object. When it is unlocked, the drawing will remain (even through save/reloading)!

Unlocked objects will be ignored by the vector paint tool.


Vector Paint example