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Hosts can control a multitude of options to prevent players from doing certain actions.

Click on Options > Permissions at the top of the screen to bring up the window.

Permissions Menu

How Permission Works

A host always has access to all systems within Tabletop Simulator, but they also have the ability to block access to many of them to individuals who join their game.

Promoted players are not restricted.

Permission Options

All options are enabled (checked) by default.

Permission Type What It Allows
Table Flip Flipping the table.
Contextual Accessing an object's context menu.
Scaling Changing object size.
Locking Locking/unlocking objects.
Flicking Using flick tool.
Peeking Peeking under objects.
Nudging Using nudge on objects.
Painting Using vector paint tool.
Change Color Changing their own color.
If disabled, players can't sit on their own.
Change Team Changing their own team.
Joints Creating/destroying joints.
Zones Creating/destroying zones.
Notes Using on-screen notes.
Digital Using Digital Objects (MP3, Counters, etc)
Tablet Using a tablet.
Saving Saving copies of Objects.