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Teams are a way to group Players in a game together so they can better work together. There are 5 teams, Hearts/Clubs/Spades/Diamonds/Jokers.

Teams Selection Window

Teammate Features

Being on the same team grants many advantages that allow players to work together in secret.

  • See each other's private info
    • Hand Zones
    • Hidden Zones
    • Notebook Pages
  • Private voice chat
  • Private in-game chat channel
    • Only available when on a team

Team Chat

Joining a Team

Click on your own name in the upper right and, from the dropdown, select Change Team. This opens the selection menu where a team is selected.

Opening Teams Selection Window

Host Option

Hosts can not only set their own team, but the team of any player. Promoted players share this ability.

Leaving a Team

Follow the same steps taken when joining a team but select None for which team to join.