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In-Game Communication

We offer both text chat and voice chat in Tabletop Simulator.

Text Chat

Global Chat

When you first log into Tabletop Simulator, on the bottom left of your screen you will see a Global tab. This is global chat where you can interact and talk with anyone who is logged in to Tabletop Simulator. It’s a great way to find people to play with, look for play-testers and much more.

Global Chat


Global chat is moderated and part of the Geekshed IRC network, so please read up on the rules here. If you’d like to join the IRC channel outside of Tabletop Simulator, the server is and the channel is #TabletopSimulator. Due to issues with spammers, the following web clients are banned: Mibbit, IRC Cloud and Light IRC.

Game Chat

Once you click on Single Player or join a Multiplayer game, you will see a second tab called Game. The Game tab is used for chatting with anyone currently in your server (if multiplayer). When a new message is posted on a tab you aren’t clicked on, it will highlight gold, letting you know there are new messages.

Any scripting errors or messages printed by scripting are displayed in this chat.

Global Chat

Team Chat

If you join a team, a third tab will pop up called Team. This tab is for private conversation only between you and your teammates.

Global Chat


A log is available by clicking the ~ tab. The log is visible to all connected players in multiplayer, can be used to display information from scripting and acts as a general game log.

Global Chat

Chat Settings

You can modify how the chat window looks by clicking the gear icon in the upper-left of the chat window. You can also un-check Connect to IRC to opt out of being logged into Global chat.

You can modify the size of the chat window by clicking and dragging the upper-right corner of its window.

Global Chat

Chat commands

The various chat windows all have chat commands. Just type /help to a list of available commands.

Voice Chat

Your ability to use a microphone to communicate with those you play with can be modified via the Sound tab of the Configuration Menu. There is a general press-to-talk key which allows you to talk to everyone in your game. There is also a private channel that you can share with only those on the same in-game team.

The default key for press-to-talk is C and the default press-to-team-talk is V.