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Blindfolds can be used to prevent a player from viewing the board. This is great for games where people need to “close their eyes”. To easily use the blindfold, just press the B key or right click on a non-object to bring up the Global Contextual Menu and choose Blindfold.

Blindfold Example


  • A player wearing a blindfold can’t see anything but a button to remove the blindfold, the chat and other UI elements.
  • When a player puts a blindfold on, they get a message informing them that they can no longer see blindfold messages for other players.
  • It’s clearly marked who’s wearing a blindfold with an icon next to their name in the top right.
  • The names list are hidden when you are blindfolded so that you cannot tell who else is blindfolded or not.
  • A curtain will drop down blocking the player’s view from the rest of the game.
  • You can click the button to take off the Blindfold or press B again.
  • The blindfold can be activated via scripting.
  • It also works in VR.