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Context Menu

The Context Menu is the menu that appears when you right-click while in-game, generally on an Object. You can do pretty much anything in the Contextual Menu, with deck and dice options, tinting, saving to chest, scripting and much more.

Basic Context Menu

Context Menu Layout

There are many different options to choose from and depending on the object, there may be unique options.

  • Top Section: Options that are specific to this object
  • Lower Sections: Options that are available on all objects.


Depending on the object you right click on, the Contextual Menu may show different options. You can always save the object to your Chest, tint the color of it, modify the physics, flip it over or rotate it, copy and delete it. You can also give the object a name and description. The “Name” field will show over the object as a tool tip with the description appearing if the mouse continues to hover there for over a second.


The Toggles sub-menu allows you to change how this object interacts with the rest of the game.

Toggles Context Menu

  • Lock: If the object stays locked in place. Locked objects can also be stamped/decaled/snap pointed.
  • Snap: If the object moves towards snap points when dropped.
  • Grid: If the object will snap to grid when dropped. The grid feature for the table must also be enabled.
  • Auto Raise: If the object is lifted over others while being carried.
  • Sticky: If objects placed on top of this object stay there when this object is picked up.
  • Hands: If this object can be held in a player's hand zone.
  • Hide Face Down: If this object's name/description are hidden if it is oriented "face down" (like a card).
  • Reveal Fog of War: If this object reveals Fog of War.
  • Ignore Fog of War: If this object ignored being hidden by Fog of War.
  • Tooltip: If the object's name/description are displayed.
  • Grid Projection: If this object can have a grid projected on it if grid displays are enabled.
  • Persistent: If this object persists through changing tables/games.

Global Context Menu

The Global Contextual Menu has extra functions that can be used without clicking on a particular object.

Camera States Context Menu

  • Camera Mode: Switch between 3'rd, 1'st and top-down viewing modes. Shortcut: P
  • Load Camera: Load pre-set camera viewing angles. Shortcut: Shift + 1-9
  • Save Camera: Create a pre-set camera viewing angle. Shortcut: Ctrl + 1-9
  • Blindfold: Apply/remove blindfold from yourself. Shortcut: B
  • Paste: Paste any copied object/objects.Shortcut: Ctrl + V