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Chat Rules

When using Global Chat, there is an expectation that discussion will be family friendly and centered around Tabletop Simulator, tabletop games and chatting with other players. Another place to hang out and have a chat with Tabletop Simulator players is our Official Discord.

The global chat is moderated to keep it family friendly and free of spam/griefing/other negative behaviors. There are bots that auto kick for saying certain words and most profanities will show up as to everyone except for the person who originally posted it. TTS is considered family friendly, which is why we are moderating the chat. We can’t moderate other parts of the game, but the global chat is kept on track with the help of our moderators. The global chat is part of the Geekshed network and they have their own rules which also need to be followed.


Rules are open to interpretation. Do not discuss them in chat. See the "Admin Abuse?" section below if you feel they have not been enforced fairly.

  1. Keep chat family friendly.
  2. Please keep chat in English. You can private message other players through Steam or by using /msg <nickname> <message>
  3. Do not try to get around filters/kicks/bans.
  4. Do not harass players or moderators.
  5. Do not complain about games or players.
  6. Do not discuss chat rules or moderators. If you do not like something a moderator did, you can ask them why they did it using /msg name message in private. If they do not respond, or if you feel they have been abusive, you can contact
  7. Bots are not allowed. GeekShed/Tabletop Simulator bots are the obvious exception.
  8. No hate speech. Do not joke about it either.
  9. No external advertising. You may advertise your table within reason.
  10. Do not spam chat. Do not participate in group spam.

All rules also apply to your username.

Admin Abuse?

If you feel an admin has been abusive please consider the following points:

  1. Be sure the person who was "abused" did not violate any of the above rules.
  2. Please remember that almost all bans/kicks are temporary, and strictly used to cut unproductive conversation.
  3. Please also keep in mind that when you see others kicked/banned, there may be a history to their conversation you are unaware of.

If you still feel that a moderator has been seriously abusive, you can report it by emailing with the Steam names involved and a rough timeframe of when it occurred. Do not discuss it in chat, please.


Failure to adhere to the above rules can result in temporary removal from Global chat or even a permanent removal. All of these consequences only impact Global Chat, not your ability to talk in lobbies.


If you break a rule, you can be kicked from chat without cause given. You are allowed to rejoin chat at any time.


Temporary bans are issued for major offenses and log your message history for review. Once reviewed the ban will be lifted or elevated to a permanent ban from the chat.


Permanent bans are only handed out after repeated or significant abuse. Once banned in this way, you will not be allowed to use Global Chat.